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Student Council And House System:

Led by the School Captain, students have an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of effective leadership, and the characteristic features of responsible studentship. The students of the Secondary section are given membership to one of 4 Houses of the school – Vibhuti, Kshitij, Jagruti, and Prerna. The Student Council organizes a variety of inter-house competitions and activities for all students to explore their talents, resulting in House trophies recognizing student behaviour, sports prowess, participation in activities, and academic achievement. The members of the student council for the year 2017-18 are:

Designation Name
School Captain NINAD BAGWE
Vice Captain ANAM BARGIR
Sports Captain NANDINI BALLA
Asst. Sports Captain RIA CHODANKAR
House Captain Prerna SHRAVANI DALVI
House Captain Jagruti KOMAL MUKHERJEE
House Captain Khsitij AAMENA TIJORIWALA
House Captain Vibhuti ASTHA MANJREKAR
Prerna Asst House Captain GAYATRI BALLA
Prerna Asst House Captain DHANANJAY POOJARY
Jagruti Asst. House Captain HARITAKSI TRIVEDI
Jagruti Asst House Captain AACHAL SONAIYA
Kshitij Asst. House Captain VEDANT KULE
Kshitij Asst House Captain ANISHA PAWAR
Vibhuti Asst House Captain MOAZZAMMA MAJGAONKAR
Vibhuti Asst House Captain ZARINE RANE

Sharing Perspectives with Parents:

  • When the school and parents work in a spirit of trust and cooperation, it creates the best environment for the children. To establish positive relationships and mutual understanding, the school has a number of opportunities for interaction with parents.
  • Orientations to help parents of new students understand the system and familiarize themselves with the teachers.
  • Parent-teacher meetings for a healthy exchange of information, expectations, and guidelines.
  • Parent-Teacher Association that works towards the welfare of all children, and supports the school and its policies.
  • Parent Interaction Programme where parents can visit the child’s classroom in operation on any routine day, to understand the teaching methodology, and the classroom environment that fosters effective learning.
  • Weekly Information Cell is available for parents, where individual queries and concerns can be discussed regarding their child.
  • Access Days and Open House for parents to understand the core aspects of the curriculum and discuss student progress.
  • Parent workshops at different grades that guide parents towards creating a healthy environment at home to support children’s development.
  • Parents are welcome at our Annual Cultural Day and Sports Meet to watch their children perform.
  • Communication is further strengthened by instant notifications through SMS and E-mail service.

Clubs: As per their interests, students may enroll in clubs like music club, nature club, science club, dance club, E-club ,robotics and literary club. The clubs offer myriad activities, opportunities to perform, and guest interactions. Students are enthusiastic members of clubs, working actively at building knowledge, responsibility and sensitivity.

Off-site activities: The curriculum integrates first-hand experience through field trips, tours, educational excursions, and camps to enhance student learning. The students also enjoy the class picnic each year.

Coaching: Intensive coaching is offered for various activities outside of the students' school hours for games and sports such as athletics, football, handball, cricket, karate, throw-ball, softball, basketball, baseball, chess, table tennis, skating. Coaching in various dance forms such as contemporary, western and Indian classical like Bharat-Natyam is also provided.

Scouts and Guides are offered to all students which inculcate self-discipline, survival skills, and national pride.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) – The school has an established N.C.C . Air Wing for boys and Girls

Global Responsiveness and Safety Program (GRASP) – Our Life Skills Education and Personal Safety Education is combined along with Value Education in a project that we have called GRASP. With modules developed by the combined efforts of our teachers and counselors, we aim to equip our students with awareness of their environment, personal response to situations, and skills that are crucial in life for health, happiness, and success.

Personal Awareness and Career Education Programme : Students experience the PACE (Personal Awareness and Career Education) Programme in the Pace -lab where they access the Online worksheets on individual tablets and research and discuss with trained counsellors the self-awareness and career related curriculum using the web portal.

Inter House Competitions: The Student Council organizes the inter-house competitions among the four houses (Jagruti, Prerna, Vibhuti and Kshitij) for the secondary section students. These are mostly held on Saturdays. The objective is to develop a talent pool and generate team spirit amongst the four houses. Students enjoy a healthy competition to keep their house flag flying high.

Workshops for Parents

In an effort to help parents build a healthy family environment, the school offers workshops by professionals for parents at key stages of the child’s development. Parents have a major influence on the child and interacting with professionals can support their efforts to give their child the best advantage in life.

The school has 30 years of experience in the field of education and its philosophy and practices ( as stated in the Mission and Vision statement) reflect total dedication to education in the true sense where each child is considered a unique individual and all the activities are focused on exploring and showcasing their potential to the optimum.


Students present their learning through projects, displays and experiments in the exhibition organized for parents.

Class Assembly: Our weekly theme based school assemblies for K-6 to K-10 students provide a foundation of understanding for the community, in which students can better understand the “big picture” of their learning and school life. By being in assembly together, it immediately becomes something that everyone shares and identifies with, fostering greater solidarity and school spirit.

OUR SCHOOL BAND: A school band helps to develop character, good behavior, discipline, sportive spirit, team coordination and provides students with an Ideal "OUT" for their energies. Troop of students are trained by a Special trainer focusing on BCIS system and ethos.

Celebration of special days: Occasions like Mentor’s day, Teacher’s day, Independence and Republic day, Children’s day, World AIDS day, Grandparents day, International Yoga Day. World Day for water , Anti-Tobacco Day observed against Drug Abuse. World Environment Day,International Yoga Day. World Senior citizen Day is celebrated by inviting Grandparents to school. World AIDS Day are observed through a variety of activities and projects, to generate social awareness and respect.

Sports Meet: The Sports Day is looked forward to by parents and students alike as students participate in a variety of track and field events, March Past, and displays, annually. It’s a place where champions are discovered and winners walk away with trophies, medals and certificates.

Cultural Day: Every year, students demonstrate their talents on stage, in a variety of performing arts, including dance, drama, and singing. This annual event is a grand occasion, eagerly awaited by all staff, students and parents. Students can aspire for the School Awards that recognize excellence in behaviour, academic achievement, values such as integrity, sensitivity, courage and reasoning, sportsmanship, reading habits, and all-round outstanding performance in school.

Community Outreach

Lead by the Student Council of Bombay Cambridge International School, students get involved in a number of social causes. These activities introduce them to their ability to contribute to their environment, and develops sensitivity towards the less fortunate. The Alumni coordinates programmes for aid during national disaster, and donation drives for the disadvantaged and the school PTA actively participates in the projects.

The Student Council has an extension in the form of an ‘Anti-Bullying Squad’ which helps them to maintain a positive school environment along with taking up the community projects planned for the year. Street plays and rallies are organised on social topics to bring awareness amongst the masses beyond the school viz.

  • Save the Girl Child Drive
  • Drive against substances abuse in the form of a street play,
  • Save Water Drive – where the restaurants in the vicinity are the main focus.
  • Caste your vote Drive for inhabitants of shanties in the vicinity to bring awareness about the need to exercise their vote.
  • Plantation of trees by the N.C.C and Scouters/ Guiders
  • ‘Joy of Giving’ week, Daan Utsav- Dhaaga – in association with OYE (Organisation for Young and Elders). It is an NGO based in Mumbai, initiated by a young mind Siddhanth Mohite, an alumnus of the school. It works to impart knowledge of social responsibilities and develop a socially aware and active society.
  • Regular visit to the Homes e.g. ‘Andhakshi’ -Home for the destitute.
  • Participation in Banyan Tree project which believes in empowering each other to build a healthier community and develop sensitivity to the social stigmas and issues present in our society .
  • Participation in YES (Young Energy Savers) programme for schools- During the contact programme , there are various contest for students such as creative writing, painting, art and slogan writing with the theme being energy conservation.
  • Participation in WOW (Wealth Out of Waste) programme with ITC aimed at inculcating the habit of recycling among school children.
  • SURU’s Planet programme has been created to inspire a generation of kids through the actions, adventures and exploration of Suru, an 8 year old child to save the planet.
  • Participation in ‘GO GREEN’ project in a bid to adopt a green, more sustainable approach to life with Turning Tide NGO -A green initiative to help Mumbai deal with its massive garbage woes. Students exchange old newspapers with saplings to promote tree plantation.
  • Participation in Green Army Project-An initiative of Maharashtra Government.
  • Participation in Salaam Bombay Foundation project that empowers students to make the right choices for their health and teaches them the ill effects of tobacco and equips them with the life skills they need to lead change. The students further visit schools in the vicinity and present street plays related to the topic
  • Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA)- Through this organisation students are educated about the factors and practices leading to cancer and they also contribute towards providing cancer patients with drugs and rehabilitation .
  • Participation in Design for Change programme – A school challenge programme where 20000 schools across 50+ countries participate in I CAN SUPERPOWER programme.
  • Beach Cleaning Project affilited to United Nation with Mr.Afroz Shah the UN Earth Champion.
  • Responsible Netism conducted by Ahaan Foundation.
  • Teens and Substance Abuse conducted by Dr.Ashish Deshpande a renowned Psychologist.


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