Books or Their Movie Adaptations


To choose between books and their adaptations into movies has always been a constant topic of debate between bookworms and movie buffs.

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Parenting in a Digital World


The world is heading towards a digital age. The introduction of social media through the Internet has brought the world closer and made our children smarter.

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Stay Fit: The Importance of Movement-based activities in school


“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.”

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Get-set-go: Start the Academic Year with a Bang


With the receding heat comes the end of the much-coveted summer vacations.Whilst enjoying the multiple perks of your vacation like binge-watching the numerous TV series on Amazon Prime, watching one movie after another on Hotstar, or beating all levels on your new PS4, you need to start gearing up for the new academic year.

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Make the most of your Summer Vacation!


Vacation is here and most of you must already be wondering how to get your child unhooked from the computers, video-games, mobiles and the BED! Well

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Safety In Schools: How to do our part?


In the Indian context, schools are temples of learning, where subjects are taught and values are inculcated. Every parent takes great care to choose a school that will be ideal for their children, and trust that they will be nurtured as strong and sensible individuals as they grow.

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