Books or Their Movie Adaptations


To choose between books and their adaptations into movies has always been a constant topic of debate between bookworms and movie buffs. While books weave a magical world of words that scintillate our imaginations, movies make use of theatrics, real emotions and scripts to portray its contents.
To choose between either of the two may not always be fair because it all depends on the way a book is portrayed in a movie.

The Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis was undoubtedly a masterpiece that took us on an adventure with four children that stumble upon a world where animals speak and magic is as real as science. But the movie adaptation of the series was quite questionable in terms of the details.
The Harry Potter and Twilight series were epitomized by their movie adaptations though even today the diehard Harry Potter and Twilight fans still prefer the books over its movie-adaptation.

Ian Fleming’s famous James Bond series has been a blessing to all those who love action films by creating the British Agent Double-O-Seven. But who all have actually read all the James Bond books? A majority of people don’t even know that the James Bond series was a book originally.
Some movies are an excellent representation of books and yet, some fail miserably in portraying them to the audience.

Comic-books have also had had their share of movie adaptations. Comic-books provide a visual representation of its content that makes it interesting for children to read. And given the popularity of Marvel & DC movies among children today, it is a very essential point of discussion.
Movies like The Avengers, Wonder Woman, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Dr.Strange to name a few, are a fairly good representation of their comic counterparts. Classic comic-books are not easily available today and the storyline is often complex for the children to keep up with.
Movie adaptations of these comic-books simplify the storyline and when coupled with amazing special effects, it is a treat to the eyes. This does not mean that all movie adaptations of comics are up to the mark. Movies often alter the storyline of the characters that diminishes all the originality of the classic comic-book characters.

Is the book better than its movie adaptation will always be a never ending debate. Some books cannot be replaced by its movie but if directed well & combined with a good cast and script, movies have the capacity to bring life to our favourite books.
Bookworms and Movie-bugs will always be at war defending each of their territories, but it is upon us to choose our favourite!