Parenting in a Digital World


The world is heading towards a digital age. The introduction of social media through the Internet has brought the world closer and made our children smarter. It has now become imperative that our parenting styles are adapted to cater to this new generation of digital children.

Becoming a digital parent can seem to be a daunting task but it actually isn’t. Children can be trained to be responsible netizens-responsible users of the internet world! Here are few pointers to be incorporated for being a digital parent:

Communicate with your Child:
Communicate with your children about the kind of applications, games that they play, and social media platforms that they have joined. Allow your child to explain games and usage of applications to you. This will keep you informed of what your child knows and you can take the precautionary steps whenever required. Talk to them about various social media posts and discuss what seems relevant.

Educate Yourself:
Before trying to teach your child anything about the digital world, you should be well-versed with it first. As a parent, you should actively try and learn as much as you can about digital platforms. In the digital world, it is important that you constantly keep yourself updated. If there is anything you don’t know about, go ahead and look for it on the internet.

Set an Example:
The internet comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Children need to access the digital world since it is now a part and parcel of their life. The only way they will learn the right way of using the digital platform is if you let them model your behaviour. Teach them the proper norms and ethics of the internet and let them emulate your behaviour.

Establish Ground Rules:
As we all know, the internet is truly addictive. Hence, it is essential that certain limits are set and followed by your family to ensure productive use of digital time. Setting time limits for digital use will ensure optimal use of children’s time.

Monitor your child’s usage of digital platforms and avoid late-night usage of any digital media platforms. Parental controls are absolutely essential however well-versed your child may seem in using gadgets. Ensure that you practice what you preach by limiting your usage of the digital media. Be your child’s role model by portraying good digital habits!