Stay Fit: The Importance of Movement-based activities in school


“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.”

Nowadays, the routine of our children is quite study-centric. Students get into the grove of academic work, while they might forego a crucial part of their well-being i.e. their physical fitness. Schools have P.E. teachers who educate and guide children about the same through various activities. But, it is important that you, as parents push your child towards some kind of physical activity.

Playing a certain sport, not only sharpens the mind, but also the physical prowess of a child. It provides a good posture, better focus and concentration, improves social interaction and ensures a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at some of the points that highlight the significance of movement-based activities in your child’s life.

Having a disciplined mind and body is the basic requisite for playing any sport. Whether it is any outdoor sport, a child has to respect all the members of his team and ensure proper coordination between them. Children develop their leadership skills; they learn to respect team members and to understand the situation before reacting. All these factors contribute to leading a disciplined life.

Ensures a Healthy Diet:
Children need to maintain their energy levels for any physical activity and nutritious food is a key to a healthy lifestyle. By educating them on what to eat or not to eat is the key to physical development. Your child will realize the importance of having a healthy diet instead of gorging on the tempting junk food.

Balanced Routine:
A well-balanced routine should have equal amount of academic and physical activities. Long hours of studying and staying indoors the entire time can make a child low on energy and enthusiasm. Thus, physical education ensures that your child gets out in the sun and becomes an active person.

Limit the use of Social Media:
With the invention of social media, it has become quite easy to socialize and make friends. Children are hooked on to their electronic gadgets and spend a lot of time on social networking sites. Physical education activities and sports tournaments are the best places for your child to meet more people. Social skills and team spirit are learnt on the sports field.

Opening the page of physical fitness can help define an important chapter in your child’s life. Children become goal-oriented, learn important values in a practical set-up which contributes to their individuality and develops their personality. Physical education is not only about playing a specific sport or improving fitness, it is about an all-round development of your child.