Make the most of your Summer Vacation!


Vacation is here and most of you must already be wondering how to get your child unhooked from the computers, video-games, mobiles and the BED! Well, don’t forget that this is the time when your child has finally conquered the academic world and returned home in triumph. After solving brain crunching problems of mathematics and learning mind-numbing answers, he can finally lie on his bed and relax. But what now? Children emit a good amount of positive energy but it is important that this energy is channelized properly. The best way to do this to to help them realize what they love and making them better at it.


Every child is  unique. And every child has a hidden quality within him/her that needs to be nurtured. We often overlook these qualities in our everyday rut of school, classes, studies, and free time. But, now- a long period of free time is the best time to get your child to explore what he likes.


Well, it is important to know what your child is interested in. Rack your brains and think back to when your child mentioned the horse-riding class in passé or the ballet dancing class she mentioned during dinner. Motivate your child to join these classes, tag along for a demo and let them get a feel of these before they make up their mind to join one.  Most of the times, children don’t know what they are good at or need time to develop the skills required.


Good things take time. Give your child time to reveal themselves. They will stumble, fail and may want to give up. After a few days, you may feel that your child is interested in something else. That’s fine. The mind of a child is like a butterfly; it will try every flower and sit on the one that has the sweetest nectar. So let him wander.


No child can say NO to field-trips. They will wake up early in the morning without your help, pack their bags themselves and start talking about it a week before the day of the trip. Plan such trips and engage their interest.Pack your bags and take a cycling tour in the city, go for a guided historic walk by night, and await the magic of your child making the connection to what he has learnt throughout the year at school. It is not only a great learning experience, but also one of the best ways to bond! Ensure that such visits are fun and a learning experience for the children so that they look forward to more.

Parents often complain about how their children become lazy during vacations. Yes, they do. And the main reason is that they have nothing to do the whole day. A hobby, a sport, and a planned day can assure that they maintain a disciplined schedule and don’t get too attached to the television or the phones. It is not just about getting them to do something other than studies; it is helping them find something that they can fall-back on, something that can get them so engrossed that they lose track of time, something that makes them happy and gives them a sense of achievement. Let’s add some extra flavours to this summer! Let’s give our children one more reason to be happy! Happy Holidays!