Get-set-go: Start the Academic Year with a Bang


With the receding heat comes the end of the much-coveted summer vacations.Whilst enjoying the multiple perks of your vacation like binge-watching the numerous TV series on Amazon Prime, watching one movie after another on Hotstar, or beating all levels on your new PS4, you need to start gearing up for the new academic year.

So, let’s look at what really happens on the last day of your vacations- you get nervous, you are worried if you will manage to wake up, you wonder if you should bunk the first day of school and decide against it, and finally an excitement sets in. The thrill of meeting your friends and your new teachers may sometimes get overshadowed by the suspense of what the future has in store. Only if you are a little more prepared, can you avoid the first day of school jitters.

Here are some quick and easy tips for you to get a great head start in this coming academic year and make the most of one more year of your school life:

  • 1. Sleep & Wake up on Time:
  • Yes, it seems so arduous, yet it is so important. Well, waking up on time doesn’t mean you have to wake up early-you just have to find a middle ground. For eg. if you wake up at 7 am during school and 11 am during vacations, try to be up by 9 am. It makes a huge difference for your body clock to adjust to the sleep-wake cycle. And that means you will no longer be dozing away on the first day of school!

  • 2. Go through your New Syllabus:
  • Well, we all know that no one studies in the vacations. Right now, with so much time at hand, all you need to do now is to just go through your text books to familiarize yourself with what is in store for you at school. Open your books while you get them covered and ready for the next year. That's it!

  • 3. Parent support:
  • Preparing yourself for the next academic year may seem a daunting task to be done alone. So get your parents to spend time with you, take their help to get you to set a routine, ask them to wake you up on time, get their help in arranging your books for the next academic year, and tag along with them to get your school shopping done. Your parents will be more than happy to facilitate this for you.

  • 4. Chat your stress away:
  • With the social media ruling all our lives today, what better way to prepare yourself than by talking and discussing about the same with your friends. For all you know, your friends and you may be having similar apprehensions and thoughts about the upcoming year and talking it out will help ease both your minds.

    So, enjoy the last few weeks of holidays while taking baby steps to your next phase of excitement and fun at school.

    Happy Holidays!!