BCG Academia provides students with an option to study under the Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK (IGCSE) or Maharashtra State Board Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

With our highly trained teachers and over 25 years of educational research and refined methodology, we ensure that each student is able to maximize their academic potential.

With World Toppers and A+ achievers in IGCSE and over 75% of our students scoring over 90% in the SSC exams – BCG’s superior curricular program caters to every type of learner.

Central Departments

Our school is facilitated in its functioning by the ‘Centre for Educational Design and Publishing’ and ‘BCG LeAD’. They continually strive towards enhancing the quality of education provided to students.

Centre for Educational Design and Publishing (CEDP) is the BCG’s hub for academic analysis and development. Comprised of professionals, they study syllabi and develop learning material for teachers and students, including worksheets. Guided by the CEO, they provide high-quality services ensuring BCG schools are always well supported and equipped with the best curricular material.

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BCG Learning and Development Center (LeAD) offers programmes for schools and its various stakeholders, towards developing an environment conducive to student’s healthy growth and development. Students are challenged with rapid changes in the social and technological environment, while adults are struggling to guide them. LeAD provides many opportunities for adults and students to brainstorm, discuss, and learn based on professional research and study. LeAD provides training programs, workshops and consultation to educators, parents, and students, in BCG and in the larger educational community.

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