Student Work

…Where every child matters

Bombay Cambridge International School believes that every child is gifted and talented in life. It teaches children to look at the world with a different perspective and learn to aspire new things. It also aims at imparting quality education and ensures all round development of the students. Our school motto says ‘Be natural , through social, for spiritual’ and we, students are taught to be amicable and unite with everyone at school. The study norms of Bombay Cambridge are really very creative and various interesting and fun-filled activities are also conducted for us for a better and effective learning environment. It is a moment of pride for all BCGians that BCSIW with so many astounding achievements and progress has completed 30 years of excellence. Whenever we say that School is our second home, we genuinely mean it, since our school has never pressurized us to do something we don’t wish to. Our Gurukul song teaches us that ‘We are the leaders that inspire.’

The main aim of our school is to develop individuals who are sensitive and strong, able to move ahead in life with compassion and who will always seek to generate solutions to create a positive school environment. Our teachers are very friendly and have a humanistic approach towards all of us. BCG has been honoured with many national and international awards for its practices and philosophies . It has also achieved 100% results. Every student at Bombay Cambridge International School is taken care of and is allowed and encouraged to participate in all the activities he/she has aptitude for.

Anam Bargir

In Our lives, we all have faced many traumatic situations. While tackling such situations, suicidal ideas might appear in our minds and we may end up with inadequate conclusions. We don’t think about our parents who have fostered us and have a lot of hope and expectations from us. However small the dilemma is, our parents will always stand by us. They might be busy in their daily chores but at the end of the day they’ll take out some time for us, to listen to our blues and guide us towards our destiny.

Many teenagers are abetted and lured by goons to be a drug addict. They indulge themselves into it so much that for them drugs become a life support instead of their loved ones. If they fall and consume drugs , they experience withdrawal symptoms which may lead them to suicidal attempts. At that time , parents are the only ones who can come to their rescue and show them the righteous path because they are our real benefactors and well wishers. They have undergone many trials and tribulations to be an ocean of experience for their children . Can’t we utilize the beacon light for our betterment?

It is highly imperative for us to shun negative vibes and develop positive approach towards our parents and seek their precious advice to lead our lives smoothly.

Bilal Memon

School is a daily routine for us
In the morning , we’re sure to make a fuss
Even when the sun is still yet to rise
Here are we, awake at 6 am to be wise.

We feel that school is such a bore
We feel that school is such a chore,
Parents say ‘School’ is great ! Now go !”
We say, “Well , what do you know?”

Last one minute and we have to run
eyes half open, shoelace undone
we reach school and we as we see our friends,
immediately the torture ends.

We have a chat and go with the flow
then the bell rings, It is time to go.
We may at school , in order to fool ,
have some fun and bend the rule.

Teachers teach us and give us a helping hand
they’re forever ready to listen and be a friend
they have built so much confidence in us
their name become our guiding light.

Over the years of education,
never have we had so much learning with action
such as camps, experiments and even activities
We’ ve learnt so much , even to save the trees.

Some may see school as a torture chamber
some cannot wait for the holidays in December
but it depends on how we look at school
honestly, positively , school is cool !

Jahnvi Shah

My eyes moisten with happy tears,
for BCG completing its 30 years………
years and years I studied in school,
they were significant, auspicious
and most memorable years………

Depicting a positive attitude ,
absorbing the best from the teachers,
I have for them a heart
full of eternal gratitude.

Teachers , the school’s integral component,
help every child to aspire for his growth.
School cares and nurtures,
encourages one to learn from blunders
makes one encounter the toughest quests,
ensuring the best.

My school, a heritage, a paradise,
I bow down to my humble teachers
For they shape our bright future.
My eyes moisten with happy tears
For BCG completing its 30 years.