Parents Testimonials

I, as a parent of Ms. Rutuja Pagnis am very pleased with the kind of cooperation and guidance given to my child from time to time. I am expecting this and much more from this esteemed school towards the next academic year and I am sure my child will benefit out of it.
Mrs. Swapna Pagnis
Parent of Omkar Pagnis
The fun on the run was very much competition free which leads to the development of positivity amongst kids. Breathing exercise, relaxation techniques and yoga was very motivating. Thank you for building our kids amazingly.
Mrs. Jeenal Sharma
Parent of Ramika Sharma
I find a lot of improvement In my daughter’s day to day activities. She has become more bold and energetic. She loves school so much so that she wakes up early by herself even on Sunday and asks whether school is there or not. I am very glad that my daughter is a part of Bombayy Cambridge Gurukul. The access day conducted today was very fun and good.
Mrs. Radhika Mavinkurve
Parent of Aarya Mavinkurve

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